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3D Modeling, Steel Structural Detailing & Designing Services

In the modern world, the advancement of technology is going through a fast phase and apparently the expectations in the service standards of the customers are also gearing up in the same order of magnitude. In order to fulfill our customer’s expectations, we are always keen to adapt the most advanced solutions for ensuring the highest level of service standards to our solutions. We are serving our customers with the most advanced and innovative technology of “Tekla Structural Software Solutions” for Designing, 3D Modeling and Detailing of the sustainable steel buildings.

3D Modeling

We, Chelmer Structures Private Limited creates 3 Dimensional models of projects to our customers with the support of an advanced technology of “Tekla Structural software solutions. The technology enables an effective component 3 D Modeling and Detailing of Structural Steel Work and Architectural Metal Work.

Chelmer Structure Designs your project by importing structural and architectural engineering drawings compiling with the site survey data and the existing and new design elements within the project.

We create your 3D model using multi materials mode (Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Glass, Concrete, Timber etc.) to build accurate, intelligent and Data rich 3D model content. This will provide a visualization of the structure and ensure that any design issues are resolved before commencing the manufacturing of the project as well as coordinating with the existing site conditions.

The benefit of creating a Tekla 3D model is that it provides a draughts person with a better visualization of the project and produces an integrated system linking with the production drawings to the 3D model elements. The system can generate CNC Data (DSTV) reducing the amount of manual work as well as the risk of production error.

Technical Drawings and Bill of Materials (BOM)

Chelmer Structures creates GA drawings from the 3D model consisting of plans, elevations, isometric, cross-section and enlarged detailed views. The drawings illustrate the design and layout of the the projects and are provided to the client’s, Architect and Engineers for design approval and/or comments.

GA construction issues indicate assembly and erection marks and orientation of components.

Production Drawings Upon approval of project GA drawings, Chelmer Structures will create accurate and detailed Part and Assembly drawings from the 3D model components. Each drawing indicates the components’ material, grade, weight, profile, finish, quantity, phase, lot etc. and with the advanced 3D modelling content each drawing is referenced throughout the project for traceability.

Production Issue Package Chelmer Structures will prepare a Production Issue Package to transfer to their clients. Each package contains:

CAD Drawings – Part, Assembly and GA

PDF Drawings – Part, Assembly and GA

CNC Data – DSTV and DXF transfer files

IFC Data – Viewing the model

STRUMIS Data – For Steel Fabrication Management Software (MRP)

BOM Lists - Drawing issue List, Materials List, Parts List, Assembly List, Bolt List, Loading Check List etc

Chelmer Structures will also extent our service support to customise the report styles to meet the presentation styles requirements of our clients.